Thai Airways ROE

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Return on Equity - ROE - analysis of Thai Airways


 Price 10.30  THB
 Earnings per share -5.15  THB
 Equity per share 11.81  THB
 Net Profit (mn) -11,242  THB
 Total Equity (mn) 25,781  THB
 ROE -43.60%
 Thai Airways dividend
 Thai Airways Price to book Value
 Thai Airways Price to Cash-Flow
 Thai Airways Price to earnings

Thai Airways operates in the Travel and Leisure sector, which is part of the Consumer Services industry. Thai Airways develops its business from Thailand, where the company is negociated.

When preparing this report, Thai Airways stocks quoted at 10.30 THB after their price dropping by -14.90% year to date.

According to the figure below, where Returns on Equity comparison chart is shown, Thai Airways, has a very negative ROE of -43.60, amount in contrast with the average ROE of the market and companies from Thailand, Consumer Services industry, and Travel and Leisure sector. This negative ROE of Thai Airways means the company is making a huge loss (really negative earnings), so it is a must for the company to change their course of action in order to solve the problem. More Thai Airways financial data can be accessed on the link.

Then, in the following graph, you could compare Thai Airways ROE with other Travel and Leisure firms or companies from Thailand.

Thai Airways ROE (Return on Equity)

Now, we compare the stock market return of Thai Airways with the return offered by world average, Thailand, Consumer Services and Travel and Leisure companies, both for last month and last year. Here can be appreciated that Thai Airways has obtained a bigger return than both world average and other companies from Consumer Services industry, which have offered a return of -2.47% and -2.66% respectevely. Finally, Thai Airways offered a 1 year return of -26.40%, which is bigger than Travel and Leisure that have offered a return of -3.03%.

Thai Airways stock return

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